Our Neighbourhoods


Our Neighborhoods

We work with communities across our neighbourhoods to help create great places to live. This includes all our schemes and estates across Kirklees, Wakefield and  Rotherham.

Our Housing Management team provides a wide range of services to our residents including:

  • Managing and letting void properties
  • Giving advice and assistance to customers affected by the Welfare reforms
  • Managing anti-social behaviour (ASB)
  • Partnership working with
    • The Police
    • Kirklees Council
    • Wakefield Council
    • Rotherham Council
    • Other housing providers
    • Social Services
    • Statutory and non-statutory partners
  • Answering specific detailed tenancy enquiries
  • Enforcing the tenancy agreement
  • Estate walkabouts
  • Arrears prevention and escalation, including attending court for possession and relief hearings
  • All aspects of tenancy management
  • Requests for aids, adaptations and improvements
  • Signposting to advice agencies for help and support
  • Managing housing for older people

We have two Neighbourhood Officers: 

  • Tariq Hussain who manages Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Batley and Rotherham, and
  • Zarah Turner who manages Huddersfield and Wakefield.

We have four Income Officers: 

  • Fulak Mushtaq who manages all rent accounts and tenancies affected by either Bedroom Tax or the Benefit Cap, as well as rent accounts for Rotherham, Ravensthorpe, Heckmondwike and Meltham.
  • Shuaib Kaleem manages rent accounts for Dewsbury and Huddersfield as well as all the street properties in Huddersfield.
  • Nafisa Fatima manages rent accounts for Fartown and Newsome in Huddersfield.
  • Rehana Patel manages rent accounts for Wakefield and Batley in Huddersfield.

All of these Officer’s can be contacted by: