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Right to Acquire

Sadeh Lok Assured tenants living in homes built after 1997 may have the right to acquire their homes with a discount.  This page explains how to apply for the right to acquire but also what to consider in making the decision to buy your own home.

You can also appy via the Help to Buy NEYH website.  

Who has the Right to Acquire?

To have the right to acquire your home from Sadeh Lok if;

  • You have an assured tenancy
  • You have had a housing association or council tenancy for more than 2 years if you were a tenant before 18th January 2005. If you became a Sadeh Lok tenant after 18th January 2005 you must have had a housing association or council tenancy for 5 years.
  • This is your only home
  • Your home was built by Sadeh Lok after 1st April 1997

You can apply for the right to acquire jointly with joint tenants or members of your family who have lived with you for the past 12 months.  For more information click here

Who doesn't have the Right to Acquire?

You do not have the right to acquire if;

  • You live in a sheltered scheme or where your home is specifically for the use of elderly or disabled people
  • You have a court order saying you must leave your home
  • You are bankrupt or have been declared insolvent
  • Sadeh Lok does not own the free hold of your home
  • Sadeh Lok has a court order suspending your right to acquire because of anti social behaviour
  • Your home is valued lower than Sadeh Lok’s loan for the property

How Much Will It Cost?


Further Information

The information in this document is only guidance and it is not a substitute for any professional or legal advice.

"Your Right to Acquire your Home" a booklet published by the Housing Corporation is available to download here 

Your Right To Acquire 

You can get free independent advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor

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