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Anti-Social Behaviour

To download a copy of Sadeh Lok's Anti-Social Behaviour Policy Statement click here

To report anti-social behaviour call 01484 435715, choose menu option 1

If you experience anti-social behaviour after 5pm and are unsure of where to turn you can call 01484 435715 choose option 1, then option 3 for the Out-of-Hours helpline.

What will we do when you report ASB?

Sadeh Lok takes any report of Anti-Social Behaviour very seriously and will make sure that the problem is thoroughly investigated. In most cases your Neighbourhood Officer will want to talk with you, they will need to find out more details about the problem.  

There are five basic details that we need to know:


Is the problem in your home, outside your home or somewhere else? 


Is it at night or early hours of the morning?


Is it your neighbour, a relative or a stranger? 


Is there an underlying reason why you are being targeted or is it a problem that affects the whole community, such as drug dealing? 

What is Anti-Social Behaviour?

Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour



Zero Tolerance

Unacceptable Customer Actions and Behaviours

Annual Report 2015/16

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