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Planned Maintenance Investment

Investing in Our Homes

Every year Sadeh Lok invests a considerable amount of the money you pay in rent into the homes it provides, a process we call Planned Maintenance Investment.

This investment is made on informed decisions and based on clear priorities.

We inform the decisions we make on the following:

  • The life cycle of major component projections based on industry standard component life cycles, basically how long a component is projected to remain ‘fit-for-purpose’ before it needs either major repair or replacement
  • Property Condition Surveys - a complete survey of a home
  • Customer feedback, including complaints
  • Feedback from Sadeh Lok staff based on pre-inspection and home visit activities
  • Assessment of how maintenance budgets have been spent on homes in the past, including analysis of expenditure on repairs undertaken on a responsive day-to-day basis

Once we identify what needs doing and when, we prioritise the works into a planned maintenance investment programme.

The programme provides a projection of the investment required for a period in excess of 30-years.  However, we review the programme every year and concentrate our efforts into a detailed 5-year programme.

To assist us in determining the investment priorities, we have devised a system that categorises work into three main categories and then into sub-categories. Click here to view the category table

It must be recognised that the money available for planned maintenance investment is fixed by the amount of income we obtain from the rents paid by our residents. The amount of investment required in any one year can be, and often is, more than the rental income will allow us to fund.  Hence, we must prioritise work on the basis shown in the category table.

We must also take into account other factors, such as the value for money that will be obtained from the planned maintenance investment required. To help us in this we have developed a detailed Asset Management Strategy (AMS).  You can request a copy of our AMS by emailing customerservices@sadehlok.co.uk

When we carry out planned maintenance investment in your home, we will do so in compliance with service standards that we have agreed with our residents.

Annual Report 2015/16

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