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Moving Home

One of the easiest ways you can move is to exchange your home with another tenant.

  • Information about exchange schemes and other useful information can be accessed via the website at www.direct.gov.uk/socialhousing
  • To register with Homeswapper go to their website - www.homeswapper.co.uk
  • You may also find advertisements for mutual exchanges in the local paper, local shops and supermarkets

Before you agree to a mutual exchange you should read the tenancy agreement of the tenant you wish to exchange with, because you will be taking on the rights and responsibilities of their tenancy agreement. Their agreement may have different rights and responsibilities to the tenancy agreement you currently have with Sadeh Lok.

You must get our written approval before you swap your home with someone else.

We will not normally refuse an exchange but we may do so if;

  • Legal action is being taken against either tenant for rent arrears or for any other breach of tenancy conditions
  • The exchange will result in one of the homes becoming overcrowded or substantially under-occupied. Usually one extra bedroom will be allowed

Please note that if you have not been given permission to move you run the risk of losing your tenancy and your home.

For more information please contact our customer services team or your Neighbourhood Officer on 01484 435715.

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